Best Krill Oil Supplements & Brands (Rankings By Value)

Krill oil is fast becoming a popular dietary supplement in the United States. Many proponents claim that the benefits of krill oil outweigh and outweigh the benefits of fish oil, and suggest that krill supplementation is a superior option. Sellers of krill oil have done a brilliant job of making claims such as "better absorption than fish oil" and have even biased comparative studies to make krill look "significantly more effective" at improving health conditions compared to the fish oil.

It is important to understand that although krill oil may one day end up proving to be a better supplement than fish oil, there is not enough scientific evidence to support this notion or any other bold claim about krill oil. Most of the studies that examine the therapeutic benefits of krill oil have been short-term and have been carried out with very small samples. That said, there are minimal risks of supplementation with krill oil and many people have experienced first-hand th…